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Parenting Tips

When Your Child Talks Back

Have you ever found yourself in the avocado conundrum? 🥑 

Well, I've got a great story about avocados, talking back, and the magic that can happen when we handle these situations with grace.

Here's what happened: 
My friend’s daughter asked for an avocado snack. My friend picked up the avocado and gave it a gentle squeeze. She decided, 'It's not ready yet.'
And then, it happened—the dramatic sigh, the eye roll 🙄, and the daughter's daring accusation, "You’re lying! You didn’t even look!"

But here's where it gets interesting:
My friend didn't just brush off the talking back. Instead, in her kind and firm voice, she said: 
"I know you're disappointed – you really wanted avocado. But talking to me like that is not OK."
Instead of shutting down her daughter with anger, she modeled respectful communication.

And that's when the magic happened:
"Yeah," her daughter admitted. "I'm sorry. I just really wanted avocado."
My friend gracefully accepted the apology and offered an alternative snack. 
They enjoyed it while chatting about her daughter's school day, turning what could have been a power struggle into a connection moment.\

So, the next time your child talks back, don't let anger take the wheel. Take a deep breath and remember that their misbehavior is either an unmet need or an undeveloped skill. 
We can assertively address rudeness while modeling respect. 

In this week's parenting guide, we dive into the art of responding to your child when they talk back, helping you maintain your cool and model respect. 
Ready to transform those challenging moments into heartwarming ones? Dive into our guide now!


I hope you found this helpful!

In gratitude,  
Alexandra from Big Life Journal
Alexandra from Big Life Journal